sugar mama!


Mama's Sugar Shack is a cotton candy cart delivering that good-good sugar rush with custom-blended puffs of fluff. Designed and built by Tactile WKSP, the cart is the embodiment of Sugar Mama's enthusiasm and branding.  Made from aluminum, stainless steel, and acrylic, the cart is nimble and always ready to party.   Neon lips were integrated into the chassis, and light up the cart with a ruby red glow. 

Sugar Mama, aka the floss boss, serves up snazzy flavors alongside tried and true favorites.  Her motto "celebrate good times" entices the crowd to let loose and enjoy themselves while savoring a familiar treat. The vibe says party, the wispy treats say enjoy, and the impending sugar high says clap your hands and boogie to the beat!

Graphics by Paul Tuorto : http://www.paultuorto.com/ ; Neon by Nate Scheaffer : http://www.natesheaffer.com/




The evolution of the Tactile sweet potato box was an unexpected adventure. In the world of potato farming there is an expanding need for stronger, better, more consistent boxes. Taking the concept on as a design exercise, we built a small factory in our rural WKSP.. including several custom manufacturing machines and a 75' assembly line.


With production utilizing 80,000 lbs of rough sawn white oak lumber daily, we quickly learned how to handle large capacities of materials.  We have several truckers hauling in logs and shipping out boxes. To meet our production demand, we had to build our own sawmill. At the end of last season, it was operating 24 hours a day.. cutting over 20,000 board feet daily. Our 18-person factory produces a 400 lb box every 1.5 minutes on an automated assembly line.. by most accounts the best on the market. It may not be art, but there is an art to it.