Tactile is a multidisciplinary architecture and design practice. Our design and fabrication teams work side by side to deliver a streamlined experience and imaginative, innovative solutions.




TACTILE is a full service architectural practice creating spaces and interiors for commercial, institutional, and corporate clients.

Our practice combines an imaginative approach to design with a strong foundation in materials and craft to ultimately deliver a finely detailed environment.

We specialize in

Architectural design

Interior design

Building feature/specialties design

Large scale art and installations



TACTILE WKSP specializes in the engineering and construction of innovative and technically challenging projects. We provide comprehensive fabrication services to architectural designers, construction teams, artists and creative teams.

Our capabilities:



CNC milling

Digital Fabrication




In addition to our expertise in design and fabrication, we offer project management, design assist and other consulting services.

We often enter projects during the early stages of the design process to identify ways to optimize efficiency, refine details, reduce costs and streamline the construction schedule. We’ve partnered with a multitude of firms and institutions to bring to life commercial and private projects of increasing complexity and scale.

Work with us for:

Design assist



Fabrication and installation

Project management


A warm refuge from urban life.


Heirloom is a small, independently owned coffee, tea, and sake shop located in the heart of the newly burgeoning warehouse district of Raleigh.

Considering the hustle and bustle of the city, we wanted to create a soft, warm, inviting shop. A refuge from our daily lives, and the chaos that accompanies living in a city. A nest that invites you from the train, the bus, the street, and allows one to escape for a while.

The detailing of all fixtures and built-ins were stripped down to the bare minimum. We designed all custom elements in the space including the casework, benches, merchandise shelves, architectural trim, and bars. We wanted the sculptural wooden armature to create the tone of the space, and let the merchandise, plants, and customers develop the fabric.

The space started as a cold dark shell on the ground floor of a 18-story mixed use tower. We completed the entire architectural package as well as the final shop drawings for fabrication. Our fabrication division built all custom components in the space, and worked hand in hand with the contractor and other trades for a seamless build out. This intimate partnership between the architect, contractor, and fabricator allowed for a 150 day construction schedule.

Heirloom's interior is a delicate refuge, at the base of a commercial mammoth. It's a bright warm nest, inviting people from the street with it's delicate armature to stay for a while. The intricate yet minimal detailing is carried through the space from furniture to trim.


interior heirloom sunset
heirloom interior
heirloom exterior twilight
heirloom interior
heirloom interior bar

A 1,200sf Bagel and Coffee Locker.


The name, Benchwarmers, is a nod to the owners’ undiluted love for childhood sports. As kids, they played basketball, baseball, and soccer with their hearts on their sleeves. Even if you know you won’t be an athlete, it’s still so fun to play. This shop is meant to remind them of that feeling and the three things parents always tell their children: Try your best. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember to have fun. The space — warm, humble, and vaguely nostalgic — is nestled in the southernmost corner of the new Transfer Co. Food Hall, between Locals Oyster Bar, and Che Empanadas, a short walk from Burial Beer Co. There is space to spread out, meet with friends, get some work done, or just let your kids run in circles. (www.benchwarmersbagels.com)

The interior design and build out included every fixture and feature of the space. The cabinets, counters, benches, and signage alike. In collaboration with Maurer Architecture, the concept of the space was to remain humble but fun. The execution of the design uses materials in an elegant reinterpretation of the idealized locker room. Expanded metal floating off thin steel frames, offset from varsity-striped wood cladding. The benches provide ample seating on solid maple slats, echoing a basketball court while providing storage for the lumber fueling their wood-fired oven.


A florist and co-working space.


Moving into a new location on Martin St in downtown Raleigh, the co-working collaborative The Assembly asked us to help them design a flexible and functional front of house.  We designed all fixtures and furnishings for the Wylde storefront and shop, as well as The Assembly's adjacent conference area. 

Partition walls made of expanded steel help separate the spaces, without blocking the natural northern light from the storefront.  The screens are mobile to be arranged in a multitude of layouts to maximize the flexibility of the space.  The conference table doubles as a ping-pong table, and can be broken into two smaller tables if necessary.


wylde x assembly storefront
wylde storefront
wylde shelves

Wayfinding at Dix Park


The wayfinding kiosks designed for Dorothea Dix Park are the first installations in a multi-year plan to re-imagine the expansive park. Prior to the ultimate redevelopment of Dorothea Dix Park, these wayfinding kiosks will provide destinations and reference points throughout the park. The kiosks’ duties are three fold: 1. Visually attract visitors to explore the park; 2. Help orient visitors while on Dix Park campus while referencing the city of Raleigh; and 3. Provide an outlet for communication from the City of Raleigh and outreach for Dix Park’s news and events. The vivid colors were influenced by Dorothea Dix Park’s new graphic design package in an effort to integrate this first wave of installations into the renovation plan.


red cube
crane cube
green cube
pink cube
blue cube truck
yellow cube