Wayfinding at Dix Park


The wayfinding kiosks designed for Dorothea Dix Park are the first installations in a multi-year plan to re-imagine the expansive park. Prior to the ultimate redevelopment of Dorothea Dix Park, these wayfinding kiosks will provide destinations and reference points throughout the park. The kiosks’ duties are three fold: 1. Visually attract visitors to explore the park; 2. Help orient visitors while on Dix Park campus while referencing the city of Raleigh; and 3. Provide an outlet for communication from the City of Raleigh and outreach for Dix Park’s news and events. The vivid colors were influenced by Dorothea Dix Park’s new graphic design package in an effort to integrate this first wave of installations into the renovation plan.


red cube
crane cube
green cube
pink cube
blue cube truck
yellow cube