A warm refuge from urban life.


Heirloom is a small, independently owned coffee, tea, and sake shop located in the heart of the newly burgeoning warehouse district of Raleigh.

Considering the hustle and bustle of the city, we wanted to create a soft, warm, inviting shop. A refuge from our daily lives, and the chaos that accompanies living in a city. A nest that invites you from the train, the bus, the street, and allows one to escape for a while.

The detailing of all fixtures and built-ins were stripped down to the bare minimum. We designed all custom elements in the space including the casework, benches, merchandise shelves, architectural trim, and bars. We wanted the sculptural wooden armature to create the tone of the space, and let the merchandise, plants, and customers develop the fabric.

The space started as a cold dark shell on the ground floor of a 18-story mixed use tower. We completed the entire architectural package as well as the final shop drawings for fabrication. Our fabrication division built all custom components in the space, and worked hand in hand with the contractor and other trades for a seamless build out. This intimate partnership between the architect, contractor, and fabricator allowed for a ninety day construction schedule.

Heirloom's interior is a delicate refuge, at the base of a commercial mammoth. It's a bright warm nest, inviting people from the street with it's delicate armature to stay for a while. The intricate yet minimal detailing is carried through the space from furniture to trim.


interior heirloom sunset
heirloom interior
heirloom exterior twilight
heirloom interior
heirloom interior bar