Wander Box

The Wander Box was pitched to us as a broad-stroke idea: turn a basic shipping container into mobile, fully-functioning beer garden. We had one week to design and engineer the space, two weeks for demolition and construction, all on a limited budget. There was no room for wasted effort or materials.

We opened the container on both sides, creating an L-shaped bar and spacious serving area. The beer garden extends from the front of the container with an array of lights and a grid of bench-style tables, seating 100 people. The bar is serviced by a 12-tap/ 24-keg capacity cooler room, powered by batteries or 110v power. The auxiliary components are designed to be packed into the serving area and secured for travel. Two recessed, counter-weighted doors, operable by one person, rest flush against the bar when open for business. At night, the polycarbonate door cladding allows a single light to illuminate the yellow interior, glowing and inviting intrigue after the doors are closed and locked. The exterior was left untouched, showing wear from years of use and contrasting sharply with its refined interior and signage.

Tactile Workshop and The Wander Box team were honored with a 2014 Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Community Appearance. Recognizing outstanding new contributions to the character, environment and appearance of the City of Raleigh, this is the first year an award was given for innovation. The awards committee noted Wander Box’s collaboration with local breweries to bring life to underused sites and engage the community.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Collaborator : Matt Tomasulo + CAM Raleigh